Eco-Friendly Teak Wood Kitchen Utensil Set (9-piece)

$119.99 $170

 Whether You Are A Seasoned Chef Or You Simply Love Cooking - Our Eco-Friendly Set Will Be Your Trusted Kitchen Companion

Are you tired of having to replace your kitchen utensil set regularly? Do they warp and crack easily or do they scratch the surface of your pan? 

Australian Abode’s brand-new Eco-Friendly Teak Wood Kitchen Utensil Set gives you the opportunity to focus on what you love - cooking delicious meals in the comfort of your own home without worry or stress. Being the sustainable choice for your kitchen, our teak utensils can also withstand daily use, making them a long-lasting and durable option for your kitchen. 

Trusted By Many Happy Australians

Trusted by culinary experts, our Eco-Friendly Teak Wood Kitchen Utensil Set is resistant to wear & tear and is the best choice for your kitchen as teak wood is water-resistant due to its natural oils - they are less likely to warp or crack when exposed to moisture.

Recommended by home cooks and chefs all across Australia, witness how easy it is to prepare food with our teak wood kitchen utensils. They are comfortable and easy to use and are a sustainable choice for many Australians. 

Benefits Of The Eco-Friendly Teak Wood Kitchen Utensil Set

✅ Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Choice

✅ Worry-Free Cooking As Teak Wood Has Natural Anti-Microbial Properties Promoting A Hygienic Cooking Environment

✅ Non-Scratch - Safe For Your Non-Stick Pots & Pans

✅ Chemical-Free & Non-Toxic Natural Oils For Safe Cooking

✅ Water-Resistant & Resistant to Stains & Odours

✅ Happy Australian Customers

✅ Australian Owned, Operated & Shipped Locally

✅ Risk Free - 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Why Is Teak Wood The Eco-Friendly Choice? 

There are several reasons why Teak Wood is an Eco-Friendly Choice. The main reason is that teak is a fast-growing tropical hardwood tree that can be sustainably harvested. Our teak wood is harvested from renewable plantations, making these utensils the eco-conscious choice.

How Does Teak Wood Promote A More Hygienic Cooking Environment?

Teak Wood has natural oils that have anti-microbial properties. This minimises the chance of any food-borne illnesses or harmful microbes that tend to linger on the surface of utensils. Enjoy your food without any worry or stress!

    Feel Safe With Our 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Feel safe with a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee - We are Australia’s leading Kitchen store, feel free to contact us within 14 days of arrival and receive a FULL REFUND!


    • Made from high-quality teak wood
    • Heat resistant without warping or cracking
    • Each utensil is handcrafted to showcase the unique patterns of the teak wood
    • Easy to use & hold 
    • Includes a matching holder to keep everything organised
    • For maintenance - wash them by hand with mild soap and water, and occasionally apply a food-safe wood conditioner to keep them looking their best. With proper care, they will be your best kitchen companion for many years to come!
    • Please note that actual colours may vary slightly due to their natural properties

    What’s Included 

    • Natural Teak Wood Kitchen Utensil Set (9-piece):
      1x Spatula (33.5 X 8.9 CM)
      1x Strainer Spoon (28.7 X 7.9 CM)
      1x Slim Spatula (31.8 X 7.1 CM)
      1x Salad Fork (25.9 X 6.6 CM)
      1x Slotted Spatula (30 X 7.6 CM)
      1x Salad Spoon (25.9 X 6.9 CM)
      1x Mixing Spoon (24.1 X 7.4 CM)
      1x Utensil Holder (15 X 8.9 CM) 
      1x Spoon Rest (11.9 X 11.4 CM)


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